Keep your child safe

At Competition Tyres and more, we're experts at child restraint fitting. Our team knows child restraints and baby seats, and are happy to recommend the right restraint for your child.

Victorian road laws require all passengers to travel in a restraint that is properly adjusted and fastened. To protect your child in a crash, their restraint must be properly fitted to their size and weight, as well as being appropriate for your vehicle.

At Competition Tyres and More, we understand that child restraint laws can be confusing. Incorrectly fitted child restraints are dangerous, and confusion about age regulations put in place by the government compared with the height and weight recommendations from manufacturers means that misuse of child restraints is as high as it was 20 years ago.

The reality is that both your child's height and weight and their age must be taken into account when fitting a child restraint in your car. The team at Competition Tyres and More are experts in selecting and fitting child restraints to all vehicle makes and models. We'll take into account your child's age, height and weight to recommend the best car seat for them, and we'll happily fit and adjust it after purchase.

Don't mess around with your child's safety - get your child restraint fitted by the professionals. Contact Competition Tyres and More for more information.